Ragnar Rock: ThorĀ“s Revenge
Out now for IOS, and out soon for Android


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Enter a world of magical places and mythical people; where gods scheme and people are pawns.

In this land Loki, son of Odin and brother of Thor, longs for the power to fulfil his nefarious plans of domination. All he needs is one thing: Thor's magical hammer, <name>. So with the aid of his dwarven allies, Loki sets in motion his devious trickery.

But it is one thing to get his hands on the hammer, and another to keep it, and now Thor is on the warpath, prepared to tear Midgaard apart in his quest for what is his.

Take control of Thor, his weapons and magical abilities as he searches high and low through forests, mountains, caves and cities of a changing land as Loki and his short-statured allies begin to exploit the power at their command.

Free captives, destroy forts and towns, and remove absolutely anyone in your way until you find your brother. And then... the final showdown between gods.

Ragnar Rock: Thor's Revenge uses widely popular and intuitive gameplay with a twist to put the player in an epic world of danger and heroism, pitted against an increasing number of awesome levels and opponents with only his strength and magic to aid him. See the Gallery for more images and screenshots from the game.